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27.11.2008 After a long struggle, I was able to move the site to a new provider and server. Here, under you will find the archived version of the original site. will be relaunched very soon and contain a completely new backend, new features and content. Check back at the main site for fresh content and updates..

This web site is dedicated to the the hobby of painting miniatures made of pewter, resin or other casting materials. Most examples will use models in, the nowadays widespread, 28-30mm scale. But other scales will be touched too. These pages are not specialized on a certain type of models, i.e. science fiction, fantasy or historical. Of course the featured models will mainly represent my favorite type of miniatures, but this doesn't limit the described techniques and tips to these.

This site is still very new, and I will try to collect as many useful painting and modeling guides as possible in the future. In these guides I try to give you a broad view of the certain topics, not limiting me to one special method to achieve a desired effect. This is something I missed on most miniature painting sites on the net so far. So if you don't find enough information, please be patient. I try my best. Just contact me if you are looking for something special, so I can set priorities in my to-do-list.

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Dominic Heutelbeck